Thursday, July 21, 2005

Matthew Cooper: My Story. Karl Rove - Survivor

"What I told the Grand Jury"

EXCLUSIVE Matthew Cooper reveals exactly what Karl Rove told him--and what the special counsel zeroed in on [---fyi* this was Cooper's second time before the special counsel]

By Matthew Cooper, Time Magazine, Sunday, Jul. 17, 2005

It was my first interview with the President, and I expected a simple "Hello" when I walked into the Oval Office last December. Instead, George W. Bush joked, "Cooper! I thought you'd be in jail by now." The leader of the free world, it seems, had been following my fight against a federal subpoena seeking my testimony in the case of the leaking of the name of a CIA officer. I thought it was funny and good-natured of the President, but the line reminded me that I was, very weirdly, in the Oval Office, out on bond from a prison sentence... [more]

HighVizPR: AS Karl Rove burrows in for the rest of his extended stay in WHO, a super-super-secret-secret e-mail to yours, truly says that Karl Rove has once again played the media like a Stradivarius with the sudden selection and announcement of Judge John Roberts for the Supreme Court. Whoops, Rove is no longer the Story on Page One {and he should know, like Kilroy in WWII, he wuz there!} But former employees of the Central Intelligence Agency are not happy. They are irate:

*Time cover from October 13, 2003


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