Thursday, July 21, 2005

Gannon: Presidential media coup? or HighViz: Presidential media "Bait & Switch"? Both are correct - Rove is masterful at working the media!

Jeff Gannon ( explains it all for you - makes sense, too. He answers several questions here --


From Jeff's web log:

July 20, 2005

White House played mainstream media on SCOTUS nominee [like a violin!]

Anyone who thinks the White House is off its game in the wake of the media feeding frenzy over the leak probe only had to watch Tuesday's Supreme Court nominee announcement to see otherwise. The spectacle began to unfold on Monday [MORE] The media performed like trained seals, dropping everything to follow the story. Bob Franken at CNN said that Rove was "yesterday's news."...[MORE]...

As Jeff concludes, "It's all just so Rovian." (which will soon be added to the Political lexicon!)

"ain't it the truth, ain't it the truth!' -- Bert Lahr (1939)


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