Friday, June 10, 2005

nonsensical politics: and mj: SWEAT, FREAK, NY Daily News trumpets as 2200 reporters await jury verdict

There is a website that sports a pretty pink tee shirt that says "FREE KATIE" on it. The Katie is none other than Katie Holmes: E! has the story. The shirt is a political statement. The romance is a sham. The careers of Cruise and Holmes soon on the skids? No chance. Notoriety is a best-seller.

Though Katie Holmes may claim that her love for Tom Cruise is the real deal, skeptics continue to insist that the relationship is nothing but a made-for-Hollywood sham.

Case in point:, a Website that proclaims itself dedicated to "the movement to liberate Katie, a young, gifted actress held captive by forces we may never understand. Even one summer of captivity is too long for one so bright!" {{{ DUHHHH, she needs a better manager! }}}}}


MICHAEL JACKSON ODDS - 5-1: Now, when is Michael Jackson going to jail? There are many pols on Capitol Hill who wonder how many lobbyists eventually will before 2008. Sound crazy, no? No! 2200 journalists are covering the outcome of this trial - this is as many reporters (and others) as the OJ and Scott Peterson Trials had combined!

Finally, more support for good old Howard Dean coming from AmericaBlog and "GIVE 'EM HELL, HOWARD!" --from RK Ryder


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Benny Hill said...

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are to marry soon. Too late. Katie must save herself.


Benny Hill