Friday, June 10, 2005

Let's face facts: 41% of the United States does not approve

Poll: Prez Bush job approval hits all-time low

"There's a bad mood in the country, people are out of sorts," said
presidential scholar and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution Charles
Jones, who lives near Charlottesville, Va. "Iraq news is daily bad news. The
election in Iraq helped some, and the formation of the government helped some, but dead bodies trump the more positive news."

California retiree Carol Harvie was quick to mention Iraq when asked about
how Bush was doing his job.

"I don't think he's read his history enough about different countries
and foreign affairs," said Harvie, a political independent who lives near San
Diego, a region with several military bases. "Anything they try to do in Iraq
has spelled trouble. I think he bit off more than he can chew."

[We are at war. We still need a solution even if it is an exit strategy. We must stay behind our soldiers, our country during this time. But it is time to become truly bi-partisan and look hard at different ways to solve this problem besides "Patriot Act II"]


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