Friday, June 10, 2005

GAO is finished with Jeff Gannon - time to move on

GAO James D. Guckert {aka Jeff Gannon, "ace reporter for the EOP"} —Reprinting Government Press Releases as His Own Work, B-304829, June 6, 2005

Please read the post from Ms. June Wolfe. Sobering.


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June Wolfe said...


Can one take a story from a White House Press Release and openly make it their own nearly verbatim? The GAO must thinks so but that is so ridiculous. On his site, he writes -

June 10, 2005 GAO rules Gannongate did not violate propaganda law

"The General Accounting Office told House morons Rep. John Conyers and Rep. Louise Slaughter that Gannongate did not violate a federal propaganda law. More vindication! LETTER"

GAO's decision:

Doesn't this man have a media consultant? What are you messing with him for? He is really an idiot to "crib" these documents verbatim before leaving Talon News as a freelancer, and then say that he is "vindicated". I mean, how stupid is that?

After all of the advice that you have graciously given him, my advice to you is "move on".

June Wolfe