Thursday, June 09, 2005

Let the man do his job already, shake some things up

Geez Louise, if they are not closet queens who seek young men or plant "reporters" in the Washington Press Corps, or happen to be Lobbyists that are Orthodox Jews who infiltrate Tribal Casinos, or are Black politcal commentators (FOL = friend of Limbaugh), they (these Republicans), are primarily just a group of white, Christian Conservatives who wish to golf and drink their Johnny Walker Red and at their father's club, Thank you very much. Since the good doctor of Vermont is 'white and christian', does he have the right to voice his opinion and call a spad----- Yes, he does.

Dean focusing on Democrats' agenda despite flap over comments

Thu Jun 9, 3:20 PM ET

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Former presidential contender Howard insisted he is focused on advancing his Democratic Party's political agenda, despite a firestorm over his recent incendiary, anti-Republican comments. [ B F D ]

"To build a unified party, we need ... to talk about jobs, a strong defense, health care and strong public education. That is the business of these senators and that's what I'm here to help. And that's what we're going to continue to talk about," said Dean, the Democrats' national party chairman, who was on Capitol Hill Thursday for strategy meetings with party leaders.

"We're going to talk about our agenda. We're not going to let the Republicans set the agenda," he said at a press conference.

The physician and former Vermont governor has sparked a controversy over recent inflammatory remarks, including a characterization of Republicans as "a white, Christian party," and another comment in which he avowed to "hate the Republicans and everything they stand for."

The controversy deflected attention Thursday from a press conference called by the Democrats' top leadership, at which they had intended to discuss their legislative plans for the next few weeks.

Dean became a media magnet on the campaign trail for his populist appeal, record-breaking fundraising and an infamous screaming speech following a presidential primary defeat.

He insisted Thursday the despite the flap, he is forging ahead with his efforts to reverse his party's declining fortunes.

"What we're focused on is how to have a decent Social Security' namesystem, how to have a strong national defense, how to have jobs in America again, how to deal with incredibly high gas prices and get a decent energy bill which actually will do something about gas prices," he told reporters.

"I think a lot of (the controversy) is exactly what the Republicans want, and that's a diversion," he said.

Several member of his party have distanced themselves from Dean's comments, and some have even called on him to apologize for the remarks. [Yellow bellied bastards]

But the leader of House Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, saw Republican opportunism in the contretemps.

"The fact is that the Republicans are trying to make a lot of hay out of Governor Dean's remarks because they are failing to meet the needs of the American people," she said at a press conference.

"If Governor Dean were not being effective, they would not be going after him so strongly," Pelosi said.


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Simpson said...

Why are you pro-Howard Dean? This man is making a mockery of the Democratic Party. You should be appalled to post these things. Do you think being for Howard Dean is newsworthy?