Sunday, May 01, 2005

New York Times Magazine: "A Lobbyist in Full" + a Time Magazine co-byline: the Story of Jack Abramoff

New York Times Magazine
A Lobbyist in Full
Published: May 1, 2005

Can you smell money?!?!?!'' Jack Abramoff wrote...

Abramoff's rise and fall is not just a Washington story of our time. His close-knit relationship with Tom DeLay -- the contours of which have been the chief topic of discussion in Washington for the past month -- threatens DeLay's position as majority leader of the House. Yet in Jack Abramoff's telling, his is merely the story of how Washington really works.


The effect has been devastating for a man once defined by his exuberant hubris. ''In Judaism, it's one of the definitions of hell,'' Abramoff told me, ''that you have to sit and watch the replay of everything you said and did with the people you know.''

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Time Magazine
Jack in a Box
--05.09.05 Besieged lobbyist Jack Abramoff offers his take on the ethics scandals roiling Washington and threatening his good friend Tom DeLay
By JACK ABRAMOFF AND ADAM ZAGORIN,9171,1056214,00.html?promoid=rss_top

A formerly tight-lipped Jack shares a byline in an exclusive Time Magazine interview. He explains quite a bit, and it is positive highviz-ability for him.

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