Sunday, May 01, 2005

Today is Glenn Ford's 89th Birthday, Celebrating in Beverly Hills

Glenn Ford birthday

Dear readers (all three of you), of my public relations web log. I want to take the time to wish one of my favorite movie stars, Mr. Glenn Ford, a most happy birthday. This is number 89 for the "regular joe" who Premiere Magazine remembered earlier this year along with his great pal the late William Holden. But sadly, Glenn has gone unrecognized in the past twenty years, although back in the post-war era he was as big as Tom Cruise. He had a down to earth charisma that turned women to mush, and a sex appeal that mattered, none of this metrosexual nonsense. Movie stars were the real thing back then. That was all we cared about. That was why we went to a good movie in the first place. It was the reason to go.

What gets me this year is that not even Turner Classic Movies, where Glenn's films are played much of the time, is running a single film today in celebration! Shame on you, Robert Osborne! Although Ron Howard appealed to the Academy of Motion of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for Glenn to win an Oscar for Lifetime Achievement, (he made over 100 films between 1939 and 1993 never even being nominated), this request has been voted down, as it had been several times over. I suppose you may be thinking 'ashes to ashes, dust to dust': Although it is the 50th anniversary of the premiere of "The Blackboard Jungle", and many new reissues of filsm on DVD, who but a few stalwart fans on the internet, a few well-wishers, friends and family are remembering, or "discovering" Glenn Ford today? -- you'd be surprised, if you took a closer look!

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Kilroy2005 said...

VISIT the website run by his son Peter Ford, to see what's cooking with the new Glenn Ford bio -- and Army Archerd's Blog, too -- we will try to keep updates here because Glenn turns 90 on Mayday! May 1st!

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