Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The McCain - Palin store is (re) OPEN for Business!

Sarah Palin, Conservative 2012 * Meghan McCain is a merchandising maverick, that one!

okay-doke! John , her Dad, FINALLY backs Sarah on Jay Leno, and then the e-mails hit the mailboxes -----buy the McCain leftover souvineers but wait, there's more! PALIN IN 2012~! and damnit, I will back my superstar, she is my Madonna, and I feel like a wannabee back in the 80's.....she is the hannah montana of the rino-world ((( (did i say rino?* -- slap me! but it eerily feels like the QVC sketch on snl just 10 days or so ago.....))))

OH, HELLs Bells!  I have to order this button to-day! Right now! I am a fan! Go team sarah!

*  r  epublican
    i   n
    n  ame
    0  nly

# # # 

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