Saturday, August 30, 2008

Is it substance or issues in DECISION 2008 or: Will the voter be torn between the twinkle in McCain's eye or the power of OBAMA RAMA?

Watch this. ((( Photo and link below from "six words to changes the world" (thanx!) )))

and then, along comes Sarah Palin. -- six words to change the world
Babay, if you want change, you got it! CONTROVERSY, Maverick-style, is John McCain's middle name.
First of all, it was totally out of left field, a McCain hallmark.Or is it? There are 18,000,000,00 votes out there. Votes of the women. Where will they go? To John McCain? To Barack Obama? To UNDECIDED? To Ron Paul?
Secondly, it is a risk. Albiet an uncalculated one to many.* Reactive. Perhaps. But if it is one that will go tit for tat (you pick Mr. Biden for seasoning, well for total change, I choose Mrs. Palin), THAT IS THE WAY THAT WE ARE IN A SOUND-BITE ERA. iT WILL BE LOOKED UPON AS SHREWD AS HELL.
The embracing of such a decision as a "first" woman Veep for the REPOS is a 360 for the conservatives, who are pretending (as the Clinton's did embracing Barack) that they love her! The staid, button down REPOs do not ordinarily choose the blacks or the women or the Jews.
Let that be told. And this -- here is opinion from my house:
My husband: "McCain is toast. Who is she outside of Alaska? Who cares about Alaska? And thepipeline is not going to do crap. Alternative energies like T. Boone Pickens talks about, like propane and coal will."
My son: "He just shot himself when he picked that bitch. Who is she? Why? He is a desperate man by competing with Obama. He could have won."
My Dad: "Who the hell is she? What is he (McCain) doing? He gave the election to the schvartze (the black)"
My brother: "I would ___her! She is hot! And now I can tell my daughter that she may be president someday. That a woman could do anything (((so I want to ask, what about Hillary?--- but Hillary lost)))... [more] ...Obama has no values of his own. He is a suit who was a liberal organizer here in Chicago.He has a politician backing him. This woman is different that the usual politician. A mother. Five kids. A business owner. Like us."
((( If Mr. McCain becomes President McCain, I must buy my brother a deep rich Cremo Cigar, ala Limbaugh, I reckon. We share an opinion here. Sarah Palin is "us")))
And I never changed my designation as a Republican from the VA Primary in 2000 when I went from Liberal Democrat to voting for John McCain (surprising my spouse and my Dad!)
And so it goes. - Linda Ellerbee said that. She still says that.

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*UPDATE: 7:30 p.m. ET. So pundits will have all weekend to pick apart or praise McCain's choice of Sarah Palin. By selecting Palin – the rookie governor of Alaska – as his running mate, Republican John McCain has taken the most daring and dangerous move of his presidential campaign. Big risks bring big rewards. Or they flop, big time. Just ask Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro. So why Sarah Palin?
Read his answer here.

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