Saturday, August 30, 2008

In Summary: The Best Speech at the Democratic National Convetion was made by....John Kerry! (D-MA)!


But like "jude the Obscure" let's just change his name to John, and the sex to politics; Kerry, who just won his 6th term, is very much in the Senate. But man, oh man, he was more powerful than any campaigning done in 2004. It proves that any swift-boating tactics could not shut this man DOWN.

the new republic's sister blog, national post, said:

The speech you should have watched: John Kerry's blistering assault on McCain
Posted: August 28, 2008, 3:02 PM by Shane Dingman

((( WATCH IT NOW! )))

Our sister-publication The New Republic and its staff are blanketing the Democratic convention, and from their coverage we wanted to return to an underappreciated star of the convention. It was, no kidding, 2004 Democratic presidential nominee, Senator John Kerry.

Here's TNR's Chris Orr on one speech you may not have watched:

"Like most, if I'd been told yesterday that John Kerry would give a sharper speech than Bill Clinton, I would have assumed it was because Clinton tanked. The latter didn't (remotely) happen, but the former did, with Kerry giving by far the best speech I've ever seen from him.

"He spoke for just under 14 minutes, but in his limited time Kerry hammered the crap out of McCain for most of his speech, and did so in a way that highlighted how wrong Kerry thinks the Bush/McCain axis has been and how right candidate Obama is."

----Abbe Buck, PR, HighViz PR

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