Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Who's afraid of the big bad LIMBAUGH?

OBAMA has the talking points memo now (or the last laugh--err, vote>?):

AND now, in his foxhole disguised as being firmly packed---enscconsed in his smoke - filled studio in suburban boggy Florida, Limbaugh berated 20 Million (count 'em) listeners to do his biddings and take a BITE out of BARRACK OBAMA! and they did. But it was not enough. The battle of the Limbaugh buldge (sic) failed.

ah, RUSH LIMBAUGH, my favorite comic relief, rich suburban commando that you are, you could not get the outragousness of your hypocricy to haveyour people pay for their own God-give right: to make a choice of A TRUE LEADER, both -- all -- whom you despise, el rushbo.
but what a p.r. trick! I love it ALL!

--aldo buccilini

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