Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chicago, Illinois hosts the Trinity of Hell, says The Hon. Pastor James David Manning who says Oprah Winfrey is the whor...

DRUDGE REPORT: HE'S BACK: Pastor Manning says Oprah, Obama, Rev Wright are 'Trinity of Hell'...
scripture 2008 with photographs! on you+tube!
watch this! comedy tonite! Now we need a rabbi and madeline albright! oyyyy yoyoyoyoyoyoyoy!

This man sez that (((( OPRAH is gaining weight from stress!))))) she didn' t thank the white midwestern women who made her what she is today --and support HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON - no, no, no, no, no, she supported obama from the 'hood ----so this man ((( The Hon. Pastor James David Manning ))) says BOYCOTT her, put on the parental control, do not buy 'O' magazine, because she is part of the 'trinity of hell' and obama and wright, the rev. and oprah are gay---gay! -well, I buy that.

you gotta see the video to believe it.

Well, if joe kennedy could sell booze and buy the BANK OF AMERICA during the Great Depression through the black list, hmmmmmmm, anything is possible, right, tavis smiley? (wink~wink)

just watch and be shocked (whore girl! he calls her a whore girl! --obama is a pimp! -- and rev. wright?) Oh. My. God.

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