Tuesday, June 20, 2006

from abbebuck[PR] and nyt: Connie Chung sings!

HighVizPR = Politics = show-biz or how did Tony Snow get that job?

AbbeBuckPR -in the business of "High-Viz-Ability": [Groan Dept.] Connie Chung, Blow-torch singer for one night ONLY!

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fyi* --This WEBlog is brought to you by www.abbebuck.com - the vocals are mine! On key, too!

MORE! GET Connie on a revival of MERV GRIFFIN! The new Mrs. Miller!

Journos as lounge singers - see, what did I tell you!?

Watch this! Swan song? Swan Dive? Swan--dress? The video:

(Gawker) has more but CAUTION they hate EVERYBODY - they're idiots! Like AMERICABLOG, but straight.