Thursday, October 06, 2005

She is possibly our next Supreme Court Justice, Miss Harriet Miers of Texas

Harriet has a blog with open postings -- "Harriet Mier's Blog"

Yes, I could not resist a post:

HighVizPR said...

Harriet, honey, if things should fall through, and Limbaugh gets done playing hippo-crit, and ["TREASON"] ann-coulter is finished with the photo ops with reverend leroy, I mean, The Reverend Al Sharpton, I can book you on O'Reilly right away and make you a swell deal with Mary Matalin's imprint. No SEAN O'Hannityflaherity-NEO-CON blowhard for you--no maa'am!

Take care,


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Tallulah Bankhead said...

This is all very stupid.

I have agreed to be your greek chorus.

Blog about Karl Rove again, who even cares about this woman? She is merely being called a lesbian lawyer who has the president of the USA sign those infernal documents!

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