Wednesday, September 07, 2005

An e-mail from The Clinton Foundation

I did notice that Rove, Sharpton, Sheehan, Jesse Jackson, et al were all knocked off of the 'hallowed' main stream media (Editor & Publisher's term, not mine) Good! And that woman looking for her missing daughter in Aruba. As sad as that is, the story is over. Time to go home.

But now I am thinking...the Mayor of New Orleans bitched and swore and ranted and let 200 schoolbuses go underwater....This man surely is not qualified, never was. But that is over. The Governor -- I do not want to go there. My previous posting already did.

Now FEMA is admitting that they should have gone in anyway --

"Before then, FEMA had positioned smaller rescue and communications teams across the Gulf Coast. But officials acknowledged the first department-wide appeal for help came only as the storm raged.

"Brown's memo to Chertoff described Katrina as "this near catastrophic event" but otherwise lacked any urgent language. The memo politely ended, "Thank you for your consideration in helping us to meet our responsibilities." SEE: "FEMA Chief sent help only when storm ended"

My opinion: Bush has much cleanup on his reputaion (the war, and soldiers, whom I support 100%) and of the disasater. We can only imagine what Bubba would do if he had to handle it -- James Lee Witt would handle it! -- Bubba (President Clinton) is sending e-mails ("an e-mail from Bill Clinton") Of course, wife Hillary is now calling for an immediate investogation (PULLEAZE -- SAVE LIVES -- GET THE PEOPLE OUT FIRST! -GET THEM HOMES! work with Bubba!--YES, I voted for your husband, miss! ARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!)


Bill Clinton wrote:
To: ""
Date: Tue, 06 Sep 2005 12:30:27 -0700
Subject: Do all you can to help Katrina Victims recoverFrom: "Bill Clinton"

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Dear Supporter,

Like all Americans, my thoughts and prayers are with those affected by Hurricane Katrina. On Monday, Hillary and I met with survivors who are being temporarily housed in Houston, and I can tell you that these people desperately need our help. Fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, grandparents and cousins have been separated in this devastating tragedy. The stories I heard from the survivors I’ve met are heart wrenching and horrific and we can help alleviate their suffering and make sure that this time our response meets their needs. We do not know the loss of life yet, nor can we be sure how long the recovery and rebuilding efforts will take, but we do know that we must help these good people rebuild their homes and communities, and reestablish their lives.

Please make adonation to help these families recover.
That is why I am asking you today to make a special contribution to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund.

In this time of tragedy, Americans must work together to help those affected by this disaster of unspeakable proportions. That’s why Former President Bush and I created the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund. With your generous contribution, we will work with the governors of the affected states to ensure that the Fund’s contributions are directed where they are most needed.
At this moment, your donation --whatever you can give-- is the most efficient way to help your fellow citizens in need.

I call on everyone to give what they can of their time or money to help those in need. The American spirit is astounding and I am constantly amazed by the fortitude and generosity of the citizens of this great country – we have seen a lot of this throughout this past week and I am confident this will continue and together we will make a difference.

Please visit and support this critical effort.


Bill Clinton

Your contribution is essential to rebuilding the lives of the victims: Donate Online to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund Now!

New York Office: William J. Clinton Foundation • 55 West 125th St. • New York, NY 10027
Little Rock Office: William J. Clinton Foundation • 1200 President Clinton Ave. • Little Rock, AR 72201


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