Sunday, July 17, 2005

Rove "Quote - Unquote" Rove

"Richard Nixon said after Watergate, it is not the act that gets you in trouble, it is the cover-up." --Sam Donaldson, ABC News

"It all goes back to did the President of the United States deliberately use bad information to go into a war in Iraq?"--Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune

"If no one is indicted, the story will go away -- bloggers may try to keep it alive, but the story will go away." --Howard Fineman, Newsweek

"It is not just Karl Rove. It could easily not just be him. In this case he was not just the central actor. Bob Novak still claims there were two high level sources." [Who said it? I lost track]

~and the bloggers?~

"Who heads up the republican political arm? Karl Rove. Yet we're to believe from Rove and his attorney that Rove not only didn't see the State Department memo about Ambassador Wilson and his wife, Valerie Plame, but that Rove had never even heard of it." -- John Aravosis., AmericaBlog

"The Rove-Plame incident begs an examination of the CIA and the rationale behind Joe Wilson’s trip to Niger. Why was a known partisan (Ambassador Joseph Wilson)who opposed the Bush administration’s policy toward Iraq chosen for such an important mission?" --Jeff Gannon, who may have been involved in some of this, according to AmericaBlog(gers).

"Unless he is indicted, Mr. Rove is staying put, period. END OF STORY."
---Abbe Buck, HighViz PR


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