Saturday, July 16, 2005

MEDIA FIRESTORM = That's Entertainment! Karl Rove watch - Stephen Hadley Former Security #2 Man was informed...

And so, "they say that" (sic) Mr. Rove has not leaked a thing. Case closed? Does Judith Miller get the "Get out of jail Free" card now?

Rove e-mailed Security Official About Talk
By JOHN SOLOMON, Associated Press Writer 9 minutes ago

WASHINGTON (AP) - Prosecutors investigating a CIA' officer's blown cover gathered e-mail evidence that a top White House intelligence official knew Bush confidant Karl Rove had spoken to a reporter just days before the journalist identified the covert operative.

Rove E-Mailed Security Official About Talk [story 1]
By JOHN SOLOMON, AP, 07.15.05, 10:57 PM ET

WASHINGTON (AP) - After mentioning a CIA operative to a reporter, Bush confidant Karl Rove alerted the president's No. 2 security adviser about the interview and said he tried to steer the journalist away from allegations the operative's husband was making about faulty Iraq intelligence.

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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Newsweek exposes Rove
by Joe in DC - 7/17/2005 09:05:00 AM

Newsweek has a long cover story on Karl this week, "Rove at War." It's interesting. There's a lot in the article, but I was struck by a couple key things, mostly around the time of Karl's conversations with Novak and Cooper. Given the tight control Rove has over everything in the White House, his story doesn't make sense:
As "senior adviser," Rove would be involved in finding out. Technically, Rove was in charge of politics, not "communications." But, as he saw it, the two were one and the same—and he used his heavyweight status to push the message machine run by his Texas protegé and friend, Dan Bartlett. Press Secretary Ari Fleischer was sent out to trash the Wilson op-ed. "Zero, nada, nothing new here," he said. Then, on a long Bush trip to Africa, Fleischer and Bartlett prompted clusters of reporters to look into the bureaucratic origins of the Wilson trip. How did the spin doctors know to cast that lure? One possible explanation: some aides may have read the State Department intel memo, which Powell had brought with him aboard Air Force One.

Meanwhile, in transatlantic secure phone calls, the message machinery focused on a crucial topic: who should carry the freight on the following Sunday's talk shows? The message: protect Cheney by explaining that he had had nothing to do with sending Wilson to Niger, and dismiss the yellowcake issue. Powell was ruled out. He wasn't a team player, as he had proved by his dismissive comments about the "sixteen words." Donald Rumsfeld was pressed into duty, as was Condi Rice, the ultimate good soldier. She was on the Africa trip with the president, though, and wouldn't be getting back until Saturday night. To allow her to prepare on the long flight home to D.C., White House officials assembled a briefing book, which they faxed to the Bush entourage in Africa. The book was primarily prepared by her National Security Council staff. It contained classified information—perhaps including all or part of the memo from State. The entire binder was labeled top secret.
So the White House was in full defensive spin mode, under the command, of course, of Karl Rove. The article documents how the team put together a strategy and carried it out. However:
Missions accomplished. Except for a few little details. Under a 1982 law, it's a felony to intentionally disclose the name of a "covered" agent with the intent to harm national security. Under another, older statute, it could also be a felony to willfully disclose information from a classified document—which the State Department memo and, apparently, the Condi briefing book were. There is no indication that Rove saw the briefing book (Rumsfeld didn't get one) or that anyone disclosed classified information. But no one in the administration seems to have noticed the irony—or the legal danger—in assembling a top secret briefing book as guidance for the Sunday talk shows. Exactly what papers with what classifications were floating around on Air Force One? Who, if anyone, was dipping into them for info about the Wilson trip?

And if Rove knew Plame's identity, as Novak says, how did Rove learn it? A source close to Rove has said Rove never saw the State memo. The same source told NEWSWEEK last week that Rove "doesn't remember" where he heard the crucial information about Wilson's wife. But, the source said, Rove is "pretty sure he heard it directly or indirectly from a media source."
So the center of the White House political operation allegedly did not read the State Department memo or hear from anyone at the State Department or from the Air Force One trip about the Wilson/Plame memo. That passes the straight face test.

One other thing from the article:
In a familiar Washington twist of fate, Rove's theory of politics is being turned against him—and he is being forced to deploy the Republican machine, which he built on Bush's behalf, for a more personal task: his own defense.
That is really quite phenomenal. Rove is using the federal government (and the RNC) for himself. Rove wasn't elected. Yet, he is in such control over the machinations of government, that he feels quite comfortable using it for his benefit.

When you read this article, and you should, you'll realize again how ruthless the Rove White House is. It's all hard ball politics all the time. They play to win at any cost.

Rove believes in his own omnipotence. He doesn't let pesky laws about national security get in his way. And, that may finally be his undoing.

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