Tuesday, June 07, 2005

There's a gimmick to this: true to themselves [images], both must maintain, Hannity yells, Rosie is "shrill" Hannity can't control Rosie

because it is NOT his gig -- the self-important Ann Coulter-hugging chippermunk wuz on "The View" today.

Rosie says, "I did WHAT???? That Bully!"

Rosie knows

You want details? Go to Rosie's BLOG here -- you want the "right" opin-onion? Go to hell--Hannity.


Anonymous said...

Good news. You are being fair.


Kelly Love said...

I went to the blog. Dear God. It scared me.

My favorite gem: "MY BROTHER ED TOLD THEM THIS WOULD HAPPEN BUT NOOOOO THEY DID NOT LISTEN." The stream of consciousness ranting and lack of punctuation makes my brain hurt.

I wonder if you can catch crazy from a blog?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Rosie likes to rant, rave and rave on.

Thanks, Kelly!