Sunday, June 05, 2005

PressDemocrat: A Family Secret: the motive behind "Deep Throat's" coming out

W. Mark Felt, a retired FBI official who would later be identified as the famous source "Deep Throat," moves to Santa Rosa from Alexandria, Va.
1992: Felt buys a home on Redford Place in Santa Rosa, where he lives with his family.
August 1999: Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward, who relied on Felt as the key source in articles on the Watergate scandal in the 1970s, visits Felt.
Summer 2001: Felt suffers a stroke.
Spring 2002: Marin County attorney John D. O'Connor meets Deep Throat's grandson Nick Jones. O'Connor meets with Felt a week later to discuss revealing his identity.
June 2002: The Felt family and O'Connor pitch the Deep Throat story to People Magazine. The effort dies because the family wants too much money.
Late 2003: Author Jess Walter makes three trips to Santa Rosa to interview Felt and his family for a bookto be published by HarperCollins. A book is never written because of the publisher's concerns about Felt's mental capacities.
August 2004: Woodward e-mails Joan Felt to inquire about her father's health.
May 31: Vanity Fair releases an online article written by O'Connor that identifies Felt as Deep Throat. Woodward and Carl Bernstein confirm his identity later that day.
June 2: Simon & Schuster announces that Woodward's book "The Secret Man: The Story of Watergate's Deep Throat" will be published in July.

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