Monday, April 11, 2005

Matt, you publicity hound, you! Walter Winchell would kiss you smack on the mouth!

ThinkProgress is on the case:

Drudge Invents Story for DeLay

The Drudge Report (a popular website run by right-wing activist Matt Drudge) has posted an image of an offensive t-shirt, along with a headline “Liberals Sell ‘DeLay Suicide T-shirt" It’s clearly a vicious, organized effort to demonize Tom DeLay.

Or not.

The “liberals” selling the shirt are actually…just one random guy named Christopher Goodwin. Christopher runs “Ye Olde Christopher Goodwin Art Shoppe,” an online store (hosted for free by where he sells drink coasters, tote bags, and throw pillows emblazoned mostly with images of his own “abstract and representational art"; only two of his featured items are political in nature, the DeLay shirt and a set of shirts that say “Bush Is Vile". Christopher’s profile explains that he lives in Washington and “enjoys attending Small Claims Court hearings, interrogating his cats, and taking brisk walks on the roof.” According to, Christopher Goodwin’s website is the 2,071,537th most visited site on the Internet; to put that in perspective (and to make clear Goodwin’s profound obscurity) consider that the homepage for Chicken of the Sea tuna is ranked 163,081.

In other words, Drudge made a concerted attempt to find absolutely anything to take the heat off Tom DeLay’s various corruption charges, [~~~save Tom DeLay ~~~get Limbaugh's attention~~~Liberals R bad!~~~ ] and the very best he could come up with was a stupid t-shirt from “Ye Olde Christopher Goodwin Art Shoppe.” L-a-m-e.

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