Saturday, April 09, 2005

HighVizPR once again advises Jeff Gannon -- and what he [still] didn't say

Jeff Gannon's comments are in blue

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Thanks for the feedback.

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Okay, here goes:

--> Bad statement about Armstrong Williams: It was PR all the way down the line. He was paid by Ketchum WW.

Of course it was PR and I said that, but I think the point I made about the NCLB Act was important.

--> Good stuff about Stephanopoulos. Russert was an operative but you still are an operative, so this is why you are taking the heat – at least this is the perception. This is why you should go away for a while and have someone be the mouthpiece ----- (even if you have to pay them a couple of bucks).

- I have to make some money. I see keeping myself out there reinforces my reputation.

--> Yes, YOU NEED to come clean about how you got your day pass before you starting writing anything. In depth.

- I have come clean about the day pass. I persistently called and persevered. They let me in and I kept asking to come back. I didn't intentionally circumvent anything.

--> "I'd hardly call Fox conservative" FAUX PAS! This is a bad perception, not reality. Roger Ailes is the new grandfather of the neo-conservative movement.

- It was an incomplete statement. "I'd hardly call Fox conservative, if we're not going to call CBS and CNN liberal. Agreed it was not my best moment.

Otherwise, I though it went well. How much of the melee after the Q & A was broadcast? Security had to take me out a side entrance because a guy came after me. And he's a member!


Anonymous said...

Just watched the bloggerfest on CSpan. (Big Friday night in LA).

Gannon/Guckert came off SO poorly. He is inarticulate, and seems shifty and nervous. (You're right, Wonkette was a star).

I say, put that guy in front of every microphone you can. Let him speak, let people ask him questions. He seems to have a bit of publicity whore in him (skip the double entendre, I did). Let's indulge that tendency, he'll hang himself with his own bullshit.

At the risk of mixing metaphors.

The Witch said...

If Jeff would speak so frankly to us as he does to you, maybe we could actually have a dialogue. In my opinion, he needs to come clean about what is the misinformation and what he has done in the past. I'm sure he can find a way to settle with whatever law enforcement agencies are out there. But until he comes clean of his own free will, people are still going to make a lot of noise and it's going to get uglier and uglier, because we are seeing him as a sort of symbol for all that the administration does not say. I won't pretend that I am not personally quite liberal in my views, but I do think that dialogue is the way to resolve these issues, not shouting and screaming. (Don't tell my cronies at Americablog, where we tend to stir each other up until we are all foaming at the mouth!)

HighViz PR said...

From HighViz PR: Kilroy2005

Dear Witch,

Yes, this man Gannon will not come clean with me or anyone else I am afraid. Nor will he go away hunker down and write his story from his POV. You have now seen the advice that I have given him. If he does not follow it, how on earth can I rep him? I'd also lose all credibility, too.

PS Sorry about the long posting on your blog :-(

The Witch said...

Hah! I didn't even see it! Damn copy/paste.

As someone who's worked in PR (albeit in materials production) I feel your pain. I have a new post on my blog about this... I think I'm starting to like this guy. If he would just agree to have a real dialogue. Not necessarily about the slander or the scandal but about who he is as a person and what he thinks about the issues personally, I think that'd be nice.
I never did create or distribute that flyer, incidentally...