Thursday, March 05, 2009

WHAT? NO SHOW-BIZ FEUD on HIS show? What the DNC hath wrought -- NOW! ....... .... (((GROAN)))) ..........abbebuck on twitter: when does it end?

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"I hope [Obama] fails….  Someone's gotta say it.
Rush Limbaugh, January 16, 2009

Dear Friend,

This isn't just some radio host mouthing off.  Rush Limbaugh is the leading voice of the Republican Party.  Make no mistake.  When Rush says jump, congressional Republicans say how high?

Tell Senate Republicans to reject Rush Limbaugh's disgraceful words.  Click here.

From the day he entered office, President Obama has extended his hand to Republicans in a spirit of bipartisanship and asked them to work with him to solve America's problems.  Thus far, they have preferred to kowtow to extremists like Limbaugh rather than accept the good faith outreach of our president.

The times are too serious for this nonsense to continue.

That is why today I am asking you to join me in telling Senate Republicans to go on record and declare their independence from Rush Limbaugh.   Your comments will be sent to Republican leaders.

Click here to join the DSCC in demanding that Senate Republicans reject the disgraceful words of Rush Limbaugh and declare their independence from the divisive politics of the past.

America can't afford this childish posturing anymore.  We are in crisis -- and President Obama needs everyone in Washington -- including Republicans -- to work on constructive solutions to get America moving again.

Senate Republicans can begin working with our president to tackle the defining challenges of our time or they can continue pandering to the narrowing and increasingly irrelevant angry right personified by Rush Limbaugh.

Click here to sign the DSCC's petition -- which will be sent to Republican leaders -- demanding that they reject the disgraceful words of Rush Limbaugh and start working with President Obama on real solutions for the American people.

For years, Republicans have been taking their marching orders from Limbaugh.  In 1994, they named him an honorary member of Congress.  Leading national Republicans have called him, "a great leader," "a great American," and "the number one voice for conservatism in our country."

Lately, Limbaugh has grown so powerful that two leading Republicans have had to ask for Rush's forgiveness after they dared to criticize him.

Rush Limbaugh is free to say whatever he wants.

But when people like Limbaugh start dictating the behavior of Senate Republicans and begin jeopardizing the future of America; it is time for an intervention.

It is time to send a message.

Please join me.


JB Poersch

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