Sunday, March 01, 2009

Well, I liked Bobby Jindal! (Gov. LA, (R)

I still do. A week or so goes by -- Rush Limbaugh Huffs and Puffs and still wants to compete wuth a lissome, well-spoken Mr. Obama by saying "i will disown you! (ANYONE WHO DISLIKED JINDAL____)" ~ Look, toots (my message to Limbaugh here: THE WORLD HAS CHANGED - YOUR OPERZATION CHAOS WAS JUST THAT, A FLAME-OUT. GET OVER YOUR DEAF-SELF AND DEAL WITH IT.

and Okay, I like Jindal for his content and character. He may be Pres in 2016.

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Jindal on American Idol Oh, no! (Hat Tip, RJ Matson,The Moderate Voice)

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