Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where WAS Rush Limbaugh? Which Prez in DC? # 43? # 44?


Rush Attends Medal of Freedom Ceremony at the White House
January 13, 2009

Rush attends a Medal of Freedom ceremony at the White House. During the ceremony President George W. Bush presented the Medal of Freedom to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, former Australian Prime Minister John Howard and Colombian President Alvaro Uribe.

LOOK! It's Rummy!
(((Drive-By))) Photographers catch Rush talking with former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.. 

BUT! He offers to help Pres.elect OBAMA!

The Latest from Rush...
Limbaugh Plan: Bailout the Rich

Krauthammer Time: Obama Has Six Months

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On Today's Show...
Minnesota's "Mr. Right," Jason Lewis of KTLK-FM, guest hosted at the last minute when El Rushbo was called away to a super-secret meeting in Washington D.C.
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Jason speculates on Rush's super-secret meeting. Seriously, folks, he didn't give us details. He just jetted to the capital on EIB One. (Rush 24/7 Members: Listen Here)
A Clue? "Now, remember, Obama said, 'Show me what works and we'll do it.' This is serious stuff out there. We need more tax cuts at the top. Ladies and gentlemen, I would be willing to present this tax cut plan to President-elect Obama personally, 'cause it works."
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Jason Pearl of Wisdom:"Government never invests for a return on equity. It invests for a return at the ballot box." » Wall Street Journal: We're All Keynesians Again 
((((now, this I like!! )))))

Dear, Unemployed...Rush inspires the jobless to abandon the gloom, and use this downturn as an opportunity to do what you love.
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» Forbes:The Most Intense Period Of The Recession Is Behind Us  (((YEAH. RIGHT. SURE.)))
Jason Lewis Pearl of Wisdom: "We don't have a spending crisis, we have an investing crisis. We're spending money like drunken sailors, but as the Gipper used to say, that's not fair to drunken sailors." » Larry Kudlow: How Big-Government Is He
Rush Flashback:  "The Drive-By Media is going to do exactly the opposite of what they did in the last six years when they were trying to convince everybody that there was a recession when there wasn't. They're gonna focus on what Obama is proposing and what he does whether it has any impact or not, because he's too big to fail.  It's going to be fascinating to watch if people will ignore their real-life circumstances."
» Charles Krauthammer: Economic Blame Game
(Actually, They'll Blame Bush, just like they blame Hoover for FDR's Depression)
All that and more when we update!
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