Friday, November 07, 2008

My Cousin, Rahm Emanuel

So, I receive this e-mail from my brother Dan around a week ago - it is a half-text message, half-e-mail, you know what I mean, right? Now, this is before the election:

From: Daniel Miller
To: Abbe Buck (HighViz Consulting)
Sent: Friday, October 31, 2008 6:16:08 PM
Subject: Re: BOO! Happy Hallowe'en! - 70 years ago Martians invaded Grovers Mill, N.J.

abbe been so bz
but good
today i played golf it was 68 and blues skies picked up tux for ronald mcdonald house charity event tommorow next week im at this rick bayless great chefs of chi town gig
im in vegas nov 20 robert and jamie are meetin me boys weekend lots of golf
u comin in the week before i leave for vegas e mail me the date
your kin rahm emanuel white house chief of staff get me some-
say hi to skitch and gene

Well, so he's my cousin. Just sayin'. He is my distant cousin on my late Mother's side of the family, and he is a first cousin of the infamous Howard Stern (ICK.) He is also the prototype for Josh Lyman (sic) on the "West Wing", I think, and a lot of the character in "Entourage" (Jeremy Piven) is based on Rahm Israel Emanuel's brother Ari. What the (bleep!) do I know? I used to work indirectly (sic) for Jack Abramoff,* so I cross whatever party line I can -- a gal has to earn a buck. Me, pit bulls, "rahmbo". It is in the blood. And it is all good.

((((So, any chance I can go to the in PA? hmmmmmmm? Perhaps I will call my Auntie Saralee and ask HER.))))


*HighVizPR + Promotion = the new journalism. Politics = Show Biz! News ...
DEMOCRATIC TARGET (This is about my distant cousin, doncha know) Rep. Rahm Emanuel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ... - 193k - Cached

*HighVizPR + Promotion = the new journalism. Politics = Show Biz! News ...
Rep. Rahm Emanuel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ... that I won't be linking to: (((but HighVizPR must and WILL -- this is WHY I BLOG - 193k - Cached

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ps: more about rahm and ari on


HighViz PR said...


Abbe Buck, nee Miller, was born on June 15, 1956. She was born in Chicago, Illinois to Marvin Miller (born Marvin Chenakovsky) and Phoebe Kohn Miller. The late Mrs. Miller's family are related to the Emanuel's.

As Ms. Buck gre up in Chicagoland she spent her formative years working for Mayor Richard J. Daley ("Boss") as a runner, a messenger during summer vacations from attending Senn High School on the North Side of Chicago. She was fired from the job when she decided it was faster to roller skate through the halls with her messages for aldermen.

From there, Ms. Buck joined the hjob corp and spent a summer in Tulsa, Oklahoma teaching Native American children to read on a reservation near Jenx, OK....


Jon W. van Horne said...

Very funny, Abbe. Somehow it all fits.