Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Why I still wear a FRED THOMPSON 2008 button

I love this man very, very much!

This speech rivaled John Kerry's for this year's best. Thank you, FRED THOMPSON. Where the hell were you all year? This is the man that I heard at Former Attorney General's Bill Bell's fundraiser last year!

"Ronald Reagan was John McCain's hero. And President Reagan admired John tremendously. But when the President proposed putting U.S. troops in Beirut, John McCain, a freshman Congressman, stood up and cast a vote against his hero because he thought the deployment was a mistake. My friends ... that is character you can believe in."

Watch Fred now:

Damnit, you need to watch the whole thing-- READ IT TOO!,0,2929863.story

I love this man! OMG!

Joe Lieberman, too! Mazeltov! Joe boy had guts!


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HighViz PR said...

HighViz PR said...

I say, Wonkette, you are a BITCH-ETTE

HighViz PR said...

Keith Olbermann has no __________!
grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! ]
he and wonkette are a SCREAM!

11:3O pm ON msnbc - fred bashing with chris matthews
Olbermann: Thompson coughed 70 times during his speech.