Wednesday, September 10, 2008

P.T.A. --words of wisdom from Sylvia H.

I received an excellent new way to refer to the acronym "P.T.A." from Sylvia Hadash, a friend of mine from Manassas, VA. It's




and do you know what? There isn't a darn thing wrong with that! What better training ground than state and local politics, the senate, more....Hey, this nonsequitur (sic) should go on a tee shirt and bumper sticker! It makes sense.

And for anyone that says that John McCain is too old, Sylvia countered, "Ronald Reagan was 70 when he accepted the oath of office."

Yes, he was.

We have nothing to worry about.

McCain + Palin, carry on! Campaign VS Obama and Biden. And OBAMA: reminder: lipstick on a pitbull, not a pig (!)

# # #

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HighViz PR said...

(AGI) - Norfolk (USA), 10 Sept - Vitriolic comments have been made by Barack Obama against the Republican ticket of John McCain and, most especially, the latter's choice of vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. In the eyes of the Democratic candidate running for the White House, the commitment which has suddenly become the banner being flown by his adversary is like "lipstick on a pig", simply something to hide the emptiness behind. "We," said Obama in a rally held late yesterday evening in Virginia before 2,400 people, " have spoken of change both when the polls showed us in the lead and when they showed us to be lagging behind. Now, on the other side, they have suddenly begun claiming that they too are for change. Give the matter a second's thought. These are the same people who have been in power for the past eight years. You can give a pig some lipstick, but a pig it will remain. You can wrap an old fish in a newspaper and call it change, but after eight years it will, in any case, continue to stink. We have had enough!", he exclaimed, after which the crowd roared and granted him a standing ovation as a response. Last week during the Republican Convetion in St Paul, Palin had said that the only difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom like her, a suburban housewife who takes her kids to play hockey, is the fact that the Alaska governor uses "lipstick". The Republican party staff reacted by accusing Obama of discourtesy and sexism. "Shameful and disgusting expressions," were the words used by an aide, Jane Swift. Even McCain, however, in speaking last autumn on a health care proposal by Hillary Rodham Clinton, had spoken of "lipstick on a pig".