Monday, September 22, 2008

John McCain, you have offended ME. I am from Chicago. The CHICAGO MACHINE ad is untrue. Totally. Take it down. NOW.

click on logo. Slime from McCain. Bad, bad, bad.

I am a Chicago girl. Get this, you bonehead. Your slime ads are untrue. Chicago has patronage. And Mayor Daley Senior was BOSS. I worked for him when I was in high school. I was a messenger girl. But Barack Hussein Obama started out as an INDEPENDENT.
And he was never a friend of the Illinois Governor. The Trib says so:

Stop your Karl Rove tactics now, please, sir.

I adore your choice of Sarah Palin, and love the leverage and her 15 minutes of fame, plus.

I love your values and your right to say it, as John Adams would. Fire Chris Cox. Bring in Andrew Cuomo. Okay.

But the more you slam Senator Obama (D-Ill.), the deeper you and your Republican cronies dig in.

Bad move, babe. Stop while you are AHEAD.

You almost had me.....

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