Friday, September 05, 2008

Is it Palin-McCain? Does that agree with you? Suits us just fine!

New rumor -- Sarah Palin and John McCain spoke without a net -- faulty teleprompter - true or false? Hmmm.....

Remember the days of "no cue cards"? Ahhhhhhhh...memorization of lyrics - I should know!

and despite what "the pundits" (Krauthammer, Bennett, Amy, all...) they both did well, Sen. McCain and Pitbull Palin (smile)

And if Sarah Palin is a better speaker, so be it! POLITICS = Show business!

Political Theater = Show biz analogy: This is a gal picked right out of the chorus line and introduced a week ago today. Look at her now!

Limbaugh is calling John McCain "McBrilliant". Far cary from the uber-pundit who went for blood just a few short months ago. But McBrilliant is so right. Ad perhaps his becoming the next Commander in Chief is his calling. We shall see.

John McCain is "maverick for change" - Chas. Krauthammer says that they (Republicans? McCains camp?) are "incumbents for change". No matter. Sen. McCain stole Obama's thunder, and is going to ride with it. He does not care if Gov. Palin makes a better showing -- it is NOT his ego - it is to WIN and to lead, and to re-group, just like he did with his campaign and his strategy.

The commercials were cute. You know I blogged A LOT about Chuck Heston and Yul the Pharoah.
But this is the real deal. This is WYSISWG.
The RNC is over.
The DNC is over.

62 days left.

Let's see what happens....political theater has not been this invigorating in years!

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