Thursday, September 04, 2008

McCain tells Woodward: "Everything is F * * * * * * spin!" re: Bush WHO: and, how!

In new book, Woodward quotes McCain: 'Everything is f---ing spin'... and McCain is correct!

You know, my blog is dedicated to S * P * I * N and consequences!

The book is by Bob Woodward, the beltway stalwart, with absolutely no sympathy for George.

from FOX NEWS:,2933,417064,00.html

Bush refused to grant an interview to Woodward for "Denial," but gave the author several interviews for "War Within." Such increased access did not seem to improve Woodward’s opinion of Bush.

"President Bush has rarely leveled with the public to explain what he was doing and what should be expected," wrote Woodward, an assistant managing editor at the Washington Post, in "War Within." "He did not seek sacrifice from most of the country when he had the chance. He did not even mobilize his own party. Republicans often voiced as much suspicion and distrust as Democrats. The president was rarely the voice of realism on the Iraq war."

On the other hand, Woodward acknowledged the success of Bush’s surge of additional troops into Iraq in 2007.

"Violence was down so much in a few places that some U.S. soldiers were not receiving combat action badges because there was no fighting in their area," he wrote.

Woodward notes that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama opposed the surge, while GOP presidential candidate John McCain was “advocating more troops for years.” Woodward also quotes McCain expressing frustration with the Bush White House, clenching his fists in the West Wing and exclaiming to Woodward: “Everything is f---ing spin.”

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