Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This is not a happy man - Rich, powerful, but on the air, totally OUT OF CONTROL TO-DAY!

"Gossip, gossip, gossip!" --Joan Rivers

Rush Limbaugh Program 08/26/2008, Day 2 of D N C

vivimos en una edad de publicty!
On Today’s Show...
Rush recaps the speech of the Stepford wife Michelle Obama. Now, she says she loves her country. Rush replays her unscripted feelings. (Rush 24/7 Members:
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Show Highlight: "Michelle Obama was out there last night to present a vision of the Obama family that makes white people comfortable with voting for them. It was an effort to portray her as an average mother. I'm sure she is a wonderful mother, but what of all the hateful things that she said about her own country when she was off script? That's what was in her heart. Is this all supposed to be forgotten now? Yep." Official Obama Criticizer Bo Snerdley reviews Stepford Michelle's boring speech.
This was a flat night, folks. No one said "Bush," or "McCain. There was no hate, no anger. They sent "liberal lion" Ted Kennedy out to play gramps. That's not who he is.
By responding, Obama has validated
an independent ad exposing his friendship with unrepentant (and that's key) terrorist Bill Ayers, whose Weatherman group bombed the Capitol Building. Ayers still says his fellow terrorists should've bombed more. That's today, folks, not when Obama was eight-years-old. (Rush 24/7 Members: Listen Here) » Michael Barone: Obama Needs to Explain His Ties to William Ayers» American Spectator: McCain Calls on Obama to Apologize For Ayers
Pearl of Wisdom: "The conventional wisdom is the Democrats are this juggernaut. They're going to score big, win the White House, and run Congress with majorities that haven't been seen in 35 or 40 years. Don't buy the hype. They're not unbeatable. I have the sense that it's going to blow up on them." (Rush 24/7 Members:
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Another day, another Obama tie to a radical leftist.
This time, it's Saul Alinsky.
DNC-TV! The anchors on MSNBC see The Obamas as "The Huxtables."

Obama was in Kansas City, but thought he was in arch-rival St. Louis.
Pearl of Wisdom: "When Hillary gets up there tonight, she's going to show the Obama people who the real politicians are. She's going to be telling this convention, 'See what you blew? You coulda had me. This was mine, and you took it away for the dweeb!'"
The same Democrats who supported Hillary Clinton when her husband cheated and lied, trash poor Elizabeth Edwards for helping The Breck Girl cover-up his affair.» The Associated Press:
Edwards' Wife Criticized for Silence on Affair
Katie Couric asks of the Obamas, "Do you think the voters really want to see a couple who is faithful...?" and Jeff Greenfield says yes! What a change from the Clinton era.
Carville and Gergen say it was a wasted night.
Jeffrey Toobin makes the absurd claim that Democrats don't know how to attack, even as Paul Begala attacked Congressman Jim Leach. Leach is a moderate Republican who's at the Democrat convention and supports Obama, and Begala wants him out! (Rush 24/7 Members:
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Could Rush get away with this? Jimmy Carter calls Obama "this black boy."
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