Saturday, August 30, 2008

She’s Not Just Hot, She’s Vice President - and she stole OBAMA - BIDEN'S THUNDER! -- from American Princess

This was posted on FEBRUARY 12, 2008! Lincoln's Birthday. YE GADS!

She’s Not Just Hot, She’s Vice President --from American Princess, the gal pol's prada blog - cool beans! Emily M. Zanotti, Esq., Detroit, MI, who is back at it, because her dream came true!

Emily wrote:

"But if you thought all of this, you’d probably be wrong. John Hawkins (who gave us a crazy-awesome plug, so we’ll give one back even though my twenty hits won’t even register on his statcounter) has his top 22 picks for McCain’s Veep, and we share love for one possibility in particular.

Sarah Palin: She’s the extremely popular, very attractive, very young governor of Alaska. She’s appealing and fairly conservative, but she’s a little too inexperienced for the job since she’s only been governor of Alaska since 2006.

Okay, that makes her sound terrible, and like we’re all inexperienced at this and stuff, and like she’s all inexperienced and stuff and she’s not. Yes, she was Miss Congeniality when she competed for Miss Alaska, she used marijuana when it was legal in her state, loves moose burgers and snowmobiling and is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association (she sounds like a Playboy calendar girl now, oops), but she has so much more to offer than just being the dream girl of any red-blooded American, Republican man.

She’s been a

city councilman,

a mayor,

head of various commissions within the state of Alaska (some of which she quit because her fellow Republican commissioners were too corrupt — a character trait we need more of),

and she’s done a hell of a good job as governor

and is a total DC outsider.

Did we mention she favors spreading the wealth so as to empower local rule,

sold a wasteful government jet on eBay,

and is a member of Feminists for Life?

And did we mention she’s hot? Okay, maybe thats not a qualification for office for everyone, but some of us might be a little attracted to Dick Cheney and we’re not afraid to admit that we voted for him because of that (it was one of many…don’t go all sanctimonious on us)…why not share the wealth?

After all, its not like the Democrats are voting on any major policy grounds...

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