Saturday, August 09, 2008

She knew.

In this Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2008, file photo, Democratic presidential hopeful former Sen. John Edwards, D-N.C., right, and his wife Elizabeth arrive at a campaign rally in Ames, Iowa. Edwards on Friday, Aug. 8, 2008, admitted to an extramarital affair while his wife was battling cancer. He denied fathering the woman's daughter.(AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

She knew. Elizabeth Edwards claims she knew before husband John announced he would run for the presidency. Hillary Clinton knew about Monica Lewinsky, too. But if Bill was in denial, so was his first lady. And that baggage was her undoing in 2 0 0 8. 50-60-70 years ago reporters would not have made mention of it...not during FDR's time. It simply was not done that way. It was not the code.

Does it really matter? Yes. This is the Presidency. These are our lawmkers. We do not keep our 'Missy LeHand's or Lucy Mercer's' locked away anymore. What are the seven deadly sins? Priests have sex with boys. Rabbis gamble and have people killed. Politicians do interns or make pick-ups writer/producers and people simply trade up for jobs with drugs, sex and money (((( but, say I have REAL talent! People hire and pay me for my services make that --MY WORK. But this is INTRIGUING. You see, talent, it does not matter. It's sex for power and Intrigue, and baby (in Edwards' case, a bi-product) let me see how far that envelope will be pushed, how much can I get away with? So, where do I send a resume or do I have to have that body and face lift, go blonde and meet you at the Blue Bar at the Algonquin Hotel on West 44th? Hmmmmm?--just don't tell Mr. Skitch or tell anyone mah real age!)))


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