Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama Boy! will . i . am (blackeyed peas) can't stop this! MOSES (Chuck Heston) is back w/Pharoah in OBAMA THE ONE Pt. II

1) white boyman Obama Boy, (not PICTURED) with paper mache ten commandments selling bad Real Estate. So help me, God! It is terrible!

2) John McCain continues to entertain me:

Starring Chuck Heston as Moses and Yul Brynner as The Pharoah, as they travel on "The Road to Denver" with 'THE ONE". In this McCain episode, Obama parts the red sea by swimming in it! Fabulous fun, John! (((And to think that Rush Limbaugh hated you, too! But you are all he has, now, toots. THE ONE, indeed!)))

but wait! We need a theme song!

3) Hey, Jib - Jab - work w/ this!

Now just re-work it with John and Barack, babay!

Say, John McCain should be Barack's running mate--combine rep/dem! - might as well, with Biden in tow. What the hell!

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HighViz PR said...

we're off on the road to morocco,
this camel is tough on the spine...

sing it!

you tube it!

make up your own words and PICTURE MCCain and ObaMA on a camel to denver!