Saturday, August 30, 2008

More on the "golden" (John Kerry) speech

John Kerry Finds His Voice in Time to Share Dem Spotlight With Bill Clinton
From New York "Have you ever noticed the way Democrats give their best speeches after they've already lost? Hillary Clinton's delivery on Tuesday was the best of her career. And last night, John Kerry delivered a searing sermon that would have probably been the most effective delivery of his entire life as a politician, had more networks tuned in to broadcast the whole thing. In a rousing, lusty voice, the Massachusetts junior senator alternated between call-and-response criticism of John McCain and fiery defense of Obama himself. He even attacked McCain's campaign flip-flops in detail, using the kind of lines that were used so effectively against Kerry himself in 2004. "Before he ever debates Barack Obama," Kerry warned, "John McCain should finish the debate with himself!" Ooh, the convention audience really ate that one up. At one point, they even started chanting "USA! USA!" in a demonstration of spontaneous patriotism of the kind he probably wishes he could have inspired four years ago.
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