Friday, August 15, 2008

More about our gal Pigeon (get that 15 mins., gal! Go get it!) (The Pigeon O'Brien Timeline - yes, there is one - and it's pretty durn good! - Thanks!)

"Furthermore, a woman who helped Hunter create a Web site on New Age spirituality in 2006 says she regularly corresponded with her about a married North Carolina man named John whom Hunter was dating in March of that year, if not earlier. Edwards has said his affair with Hunter did not begin until after she had started doing video work for his political action committee months later.

"The woman, Pigeon O'Brien, who says she worked with Hunter to build her "Being Is Free" Web site and a related foundation, said that Hunter recounted how she had met "John" at the Regency Hotel in New York in early 2006 and that they had started dating soon after.

"O'Brien said that Hunter made at least one trip to North Carolina in March 2006 to visit him and that, during the next few months, she never made any references to Young, who later claimed to be the father of the child, or indicated that she even knew him.

"Gordon, Hunter's attorney, declined to comment, citing the privacy of Hunter and her baby."

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