Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Because he wants to be [president],"he said."I think in life, what you want is what you are supposed to get." -George Obama (Barack's half-brother)

Commentary: (HighVizPR): So, Barack Obama is going to do what he is going to have to do -- lead. Lead. Period. And if he has to pick that seasoned pro to lead (Biden) and get the baggage out of the way (Clinton) and have the thers who may have--should? have been veeps in the cabinet (Richardson, Kennedy, Bayh, Kaine, and the lady from Kansas and the Edwards from Texas), well, then! Let this be done! So much for change. But changing--morphing to status quo vadis to win the BIG OFFICE? Yeah, man. He is that close. yOU GOTTA DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO, AND THAT IS lead follow or get the f * * * out if the way.
PART THE RED SEA, (((McCain kidded him)))), yes, OBAMA, AND SO IT SHALL BE DONE!
Can he lead?
Yes, John. YES. He can.
Or he will give you a damn good toothy political chicagoland run fo' all your wife's money! Darn tootin'! Even if Joe Biden is Prez, and Obama is second-in-command (LOL)

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