Sunday, August 03, 2008

"And we need, and I need, Michael Moore in my life."--Madonna in Michigan

I understand how she feels. Michael Moore is synonymous with Michigan. And I feel that way every time I step off a plane at O'Hare or Midway. Doesn't matter. I'm home in Chicago. Saw "The Dark Knight" last night and while the movie was good, THE CAST, incl. Eckhart and Oldman were quite good, I was once again transported when I read all of the street signs that read Chicago and LaSalle and State and saw Wacker Drive and filming under the 'L" and the magnificent views--Oh! I was transported home, to my city by the beautiful lake (Michigan); The Chicago Theater, Daley Plaza (I remember when it was the Civic Center and I worked for Mayor Daley's father BOSS Daley as a "runner", I was a good messenger, but was fired when I did my job to the aldermen and secretaries while on roller skates in the halls of City Hall(!) I was 16. Oh, and the The Drake Hotel,, Water Tower, Old Town, Piper's Alley, Lincoln Park, Music Lessons aop the Blackstone Hotel, lugging my slide (trombone) all over town - I could not play worth a-----

Michael Moore's home is in Michigan and while he waxes nostalgic about his boyhood home, I will always be the gal who hung out by the old Biograph theater (the Victory Gardens now, where William L. Petersen is going back to star, leaving C.S.I. after, what, nine years?) Even Petersen is going home, to act on stage. And Madonna's statehood endorsement - along with the ads that Jeff Daniel's has been doing as of late to bolster the State's economy? P R I C E L E S S.

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