Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mike Huckabee and I did it the hard way - we had to! We had to PUT IT DOWN!

Me, then --- and me now (three years later -)

I heard my hero, Mike Huckabee substituting for Paul Harvey this morning while I was listening to Fred Grandy & Andy Parks (--the political comedy show on WMAL 630 am, WASHINGTON, DC, this morning). I believe he is subbing all week. Cool!

So, why is Mike my hero>? And why is Dr. Oz's diet so vital? --- Well, if you have been reading this blog, or abbebuck pr, or google abbebuck pr + mike huckabee entries will come up about spectacular weight losses -- Mike's own 110, and as he inspired me, my whopping -145. How did we do it? We put down the knife and fork (Mike's book title, in part), to stay alive.
Mr. Huckabee mentioned his weight loss during a news story of a woman originally thought to be morbidly obese, but no, she had a VERY LARGE TUMOR, which is perhaps .0001 of our population. A second or third opine of a doctor found it. But Mike did talk about how we must STOP EATING--- as does another book --- a realy honey -- embracing good food, and why we eat BAD food, or how, where when and how we EAT it: It is called "In Defense of Food"

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago, when Barack Obama (also) made food political ("we eat too much") well, we do, and we are conditioned to -- we are living in a country , a world of over-abundance - the chinese are NOT supposed to be morbidly obese but they are overrun by the Golden Arches!
And how about this bit of mindless information: Have you ever noticed when you get gasoline at an EXXON you see a conveience story called "on the run" -- get the picture? and that phrase, get the picture, used to mean that a photog, now known as our erstwhile papa-rat-zi (pun intended!) snaps the photo that shoots around the world via cell and iphone fethching $2 Million +++ -- but that is another rant for another day, damnit!

----from Abbe Buck, perhaps ready to go on Oprah, who is asking for former fatties to share their stories -- then again, perhaps not. What's the point? I blog. But maybe it's time...

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