Friday, May 30, 2008

random blogging: "WHAT HAPPENED" (?) Oh, Scott, are you a turncoast - or a publicity mastermind?

and why is Karl "the architekt" Rove, Fox News Channel pol commentator, foaming at the mouth like a junior pit-bull?

LOL! now,

scott mc clellan [heart] obama!

this is rich! but we need CHANGE! Colin Powell knew, too. But he didn't write this book, with names, embellishments and the TRUTH (rhymes w/baby ruth) about scooter libby, jos. wilson, mrs. wilson, bushie II, rove, and the others in 43's soap plus the missing wmd's (where arethey, anyhoo?)

Scott McClellan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Bush administration responded through Press Secretary Dana Perino, (who quickly took scotty's place in 2006) who said, "Scott, we now know, is disgruntled about his experience at the White House - 49k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Brains and Eggs: Scott McLellan admits he is a liar (pre-book)
Nov 20, 2007 ... Scott McLellan admits he is a liar. You're shocked, shocked you say:. To no one's surprise in a world where top White House aides with any - 24k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Scott McLellan, Former Press Secretary, Attacks Bush's White House ...
Scott McLellan, Former Press Secretary, Attacks Bush's White House - The Huffington - 168k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

Dc: The Rove Show, with Scott McLellan as Old Yeller
Jul 11, 2005 ... Yup that video of the WH press corps pelting Scott McClellan with repeated questions about the Plame investigation sure - Similar pages - Note this
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HighViz PR said...

This is why Scottie turned on W.: when 43 is out of power, Scottie will need a second act, not to mention a JOB (DIGRUNTLED EMPLOYEE, INDEED!)

from THINK PROGRESS . com in 2005

to wit:

S. Bielfeldt Says:

The WH press corps have become a part of the “boys club.” Andrea Mitchell ain’t a boy, but her reporting is in line with hubby. Funny how the well-connected Greenspans have done really well during Al’s tenure. Probably a coincidence.

July 9th, 2005 at 6:53 pm


Abbe Buck, Publicist Says:

from my blog

Why? Why? Why? Inquiring bloggers want to know–

–before they are “SILENCED BY THE WHITE HOUSE”*** backgrounder LA TIMES - Two years into CIA Leak no probe, no charges *** DAY 6 WH Press Corp Silent on Rove ***

The following is courtesy of John A’s AmericaBlog. Yes, Jeff Gannon asked a question devoid of acceptance, and poof! Banished. Exposed. Helen Thomas? Relegated to the back of the room for digging too deep, after 40 years, they so want to put her out to pasture! The woman can still do her job, let her do it. Get Scottie McLellan,White House Press Secretary mad and it is silence, which is deafening. Reporter and WHO alike are playing at national news like a it’s a soap opera, yes, a lot like the Lewinsky show (see below)

July 9th, 2005 at 8:16 pm