Thursday, May 01, 2008

AP: Police: Woman believed to be 'D.C. madam' kills herself

This is just too sad, to take her own life. Sad, sad, sad. And I understand that she said she would.,8599,1736687,00.html

I miss Jack Abramoff. I want to write him a letter. Wonder how he is doing in Cumnerland, MD.

Speaking of Washington dirt, And I have found that I was a lobbyist who had power! LOL! Don't make me laugh! (scroll to bottom of page)

The Rick Renzi land swaps at Ft Huachuca seem to get more intesting considering the Abramoff paid subordinates at the Interior Department.

The Abramoff young guns worked for lobbyist Abbe Buck and pushed HubZones for retired military officers & others at Ft Huachua and other Indian owned property.

Additionally, Mantech employed the government procurement software that came out of Guam.

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