Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fred Grandy, hometown hero, WMAL and his posse, Parks, Neiman 630 WMAL Salute!

If you don't listen to the crass and vulgar Stern, or Opie and Anthony, or placid Bill Press, or find Bill Bennett on some far-off syndicated or XM wasteland, what do you do, where do you turn in the DC Metro area? To WMAL's (630 AM) "Grandy & Andy" Of course! And who are Grandy, Andy and Neiman? (as in Seinfeld's "New-man"!) They are, respectively, Fred (yes, that Fred!) Grandy, former Congressman of IOWA, whose airport SUX (for Sioux City) and of the television show of my youth "The Love Boat" (where has-been stars board, but do not depart! Sort of a pergatory ship of show tunes!). Fred is the renaissance man, famously vegan, funny, bright, smart as a whip unless he mispronounces things he can't read without his glasses (I know the feeling!) and is the rudder of the show. I tune in for him to slam OBAMA, Hillary, Dick (he is) Cheney, The Montgomery County Public Schools, Immigration Issues between ICE and my neighboring town of Manassas, VA, being over 50, you name it, Fred chats it up! Then there's Andy Parks, who enjoyed Fred Thompson as much as I did (he nicknamed him "The Cobra", replete with 'snake charmer music'!) who has been broadcasting for around 30 years - Parks is a department store Santa Clause (sic) type with a rotund republican sensibility that says, 'back off my property or I will shoot you, you SOB!' - AND HE MEANS IT! Bryan Neiman rounds out the trio and the sidekick's sidekick, a foil as newsreader with younger senibility (33-35 ish) nice young man who does not remember Fred's inferences to 'Glenn Ford" and "Chuck Heston" - a pity that Neiman wasn't born in 1-9-5-6! LOL!
Here are some of the boyz "hot topics"
Today's Hot Topics
Here are just some of the stories Grandy & Andy are talking about:

• Pope’s in town• Obama takes national lead• State Dept employees to Iraq• Carter & Hamas – The Grandy Amendment• Lieberman to GOP Convention• DC Madam guilty• Gas Tax Holiday• MD slots• Sole Survivor benefits• Mental health day• Lingerie crash• The Crapitols• Pillsbury bakeoff
I LOVE YOU, FRED! Play show tunes. Don't ever change.

and mrs. fred, love you, too
love and hisses -- kisses! xxxx's !

--abbe b.

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