Sunday, March 02, 2008

THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT!! YES, It is the apex in political PR and a MARCH SUPRISE. Jack Nicholson endorses this message

"I'm Jack Nicholson, and I approve this message." Hillary Pol Video Directed by Rob Reiner.

STORY in LA Times:,1,3552030.story

and this one:

and this radio show with disco duckling Rick Dees:

Jack sez: "hang on hill, hang on, tight!"

admiringly, (it ain't over!)

fllliippp---er---abbe b.

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P O C O N O S said...

i think tomorrow's results will be the deciding factor to how much longer this goes. if she wins at least 2 states the (Clintons) will never give up. we'll see. i spoke about this on my blog recently.