Saturday, March 08, 2008

MEMO to DCRTV, XM Radio: RE: Chris Core: Now! Get this man back on the air!

From highvizpr

To Core

Subject: POTUS Channel

Say, Chris, I happen to know someone at XM-Sirius, and P.O.T.U.S. '08 ("President of the United States") is XM Channel 130). Your pals at DRCTV (Dave is the man and knows EVERYBODY) could also hook you up! I will be e-mailing you. Let's make this deal work!


Abbe Buck

A HUGE Core fan and publicist

HighViz Consulting Group

Dear HighViz (atom) Readers, start writing in to XM ABOUT CORE: (YOU, TOO MIKE, FRED, TOM)

I Am Sally Field
Posted by Chris Core at
3/6/2008 8:03 AM and is filed under uncategorized
To all of you...thank you. I am Sally Field: "You like me, you really like me." But I am a Midwestern guy. I blush easily. Two special thanks. I got a personal note from Fred and Jeri Thompson... what an honor! And former Governor Bob Ehrlich called me at home to offer sympathy. I reminded him that he was recently fired too. And yet we both think we did a pretty good job while we had it. I will be on Newschannel 8 at 4pm today...and I have had many offers to sort through. Anybody know a name at XM? Apparently they have a channel called POTUS '08. Sounds like a fit for me!

I cannot re-pay the kindness you have shown. As they say in radio....stay tuned!



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