Thursday, February 07, 2008

Memo to the Great Constance: Hillary stumping in Arlington, VA (YOUR NECK OF WOODS) 2 pm today - be there, girlfriend - Ann Coulter will show up!

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Subject: MEMO to Connie: Hillary in Arlington today - 2 PM! Be there!


Ann Coulter picks her over John (McCain), Connie----
She may be Madame President yet!

Mr. Skitch wants Condoleeza - I want Madeline Albright for First Woman Prez, but one can only dream.

Love you guys!

the abster, alwaaaaays bad!

ps - still adore mike huckabee -
he put down the knife and fork - but will he be the prez? nope :-( going the way of DEAD FRED. - and I remain a FRED HEAD! ((( Fred, please go back to L & O ! The show stinks without you, Senator! )))

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Subject: Join me in Virginia!

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