Wednesday, January 30, 2008

NEO-CON Pundits on the Air: "Give the people what they want" - McCain and more McCain!

Why John McCain and why now? The UBER-Conservative whack-jobs are missing the BOAT-POINT on this one, my friends (channelling "L"-Rushbo by way of Gay Drudge): because the more you say that you want something, OR PUSH, or protest, the more you consciously push the average joe and jane the otherway. John McCain is MOR (middle of the road as they say in the broadcast trade) as they get. When he flip-flops on something, at least the "SOB" makes a decision. And yes, MY FRIENDS, (huuuurrrumppphhhh!), he is the reason that in 2000 I went from being a lifelong Traditional Jew broad - klezmer-loving Chicago born and bred Roosevelt Democrat to a Republican. What WABC-77 and the NEO-CON(servative) radio-audio-soundbite-TRUE drive by media is missing is this: no matter how fired up they get in their 'playful' demogaugery, they are giving us, the American People what we want - McCain and more McCain. In their eyes perceived as "a man we can trust, a man we can admire, a man who (to all appearances, seems to be) seasoned politically, steady, thoughtful, kind, "straight-talking" he says. And,to top all of that, with his stunning comeback, having an intestinal fortitude to take the Clintons out - of the picture, that is.

So, Thank you, Rush Limbaugh, Thank you, Laura Ingraham, Thank you. Michael Medved, the Turkey Movie Guy, Thank you, Sean Hannity, Thank you, Mark Levin! Thank you, all. And be sure to thank your selves for pushing John McCain in Florida; and in South Carolina; and as for Super Tuesday, if you do not want the man, break your code and SHUT UP!


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OY! Joe says no to run as VEEP with McCain on ticket - but hey, things change!

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