Sunday, January 20, 2008

MSNBC pundits laugh at Republican candidates - could the squirrel have something to do with it?

MSNBC's talking heads laff at Fred AND Mitt AND Mike speeches - surely it had nothing to do with appearances on Leno. Face it, Fred is an actor, Mitt is a good looking man (in a suit, trust me!), and Mike Huckabee, has that indefatigable "it", THE "SECOND CIRCLE"
and what is the "second circle"?
How To Associates: "Presence" by Patsy Rodenburg
Patsy Rodenburg OBE is a much revered voice and acting coach. .... Without giving too much away, Second Circle is where we should all be aiming for, - 13k -
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The Drama Book Shop, Inc.
Patsy Rodenburg, one of the world's leading voice and acting coaches will present a practical demonstration of Second Circle work with audience members, - 35k -
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Mind, Body & Spirit - Presence - Patsy Rodenburg
Presence Patsy Rodenburg Penguin For actors, the need for presence on stage is invaluable. ... The Second Circle, however, is the ideal state to be in. - 21k -
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and the laffs - hey, what about it, jon stewart?

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