Sunday, December 23, 2007

"You and I have a rendevouz with destiny"---Ronald Reagan (1964)

I heard a speech the other night, on Mark Levin's radio show. Yeah, it was that "second rate movie star", Ronnie Reagan. Yeah, the Gipper. But he spoke and I listened, riveted to my car radio to the last fifteen minutes of his speech about supporting the soldier and our country because it is the only world we know and the only country that we will ever have if we choose to keep our values and moral center HERE - or what is left of it.

The speech was given on behalf of Barry Goldwater and given in 1964. It is amazing! Here it is:

My wanting anyone from the DEM Party in '08 is ludicrous. Hillary? - NO WAY. Obama? NO WAY IN HELL. And I was a Democrat for many, many years. Trust me. We are how we are raised. Good Jews are usually good liberals. That is the way it is - Mad for Adlai and all that. But they have no values that stand up in in age of discord.

I guess now I too am like Mr. Reagan - when he turned a certain age he woke up and changed values. Never thought I would say that!

I am having a hard time deciding between two of the candidates:

I have been watching Mike Huckabee lately, and as many of you who ready my 'silly' (sic) blog know, he helped save my life with his book, and the principles of AA (he is addicted to flour and sugar, as I am, see my last post and

Mike Huckabee may be the right man for the job of Commander in Chief. He is doing ALL if the right things for visibility, which is making me beam with pride. Nor is Mike Romney-flipping or Ron Paul -flopping. I even toyed with the idea of FRED THOMPSON 2008 who has had Reagan's ideals from Day #1. I still want to see more of Fred. I need to hear more of Fred. I need to see more of Fred. We all do. He desparately needs Huckabee's newly found-visibility. Because I have heard Fred speak at the home of Bill Bell back in October, when George Allen endorsed him. I know firsthand that Fred has the values that Reagan spoke of in 1964. Come on Fred, you can do this!

Yes, this entry is from a now-little Jewish woman, and a former liberal Roosevelt Democrat from Chicago, Illinois,

Abbe B.

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