Tuesday, September 11, 2007

SOME THINGS just DON'T MAKE SENSE especially if you are the media-winchell heir-apparent ~ Page Six tells all)

Drudge Off the Air (Page Six) Fedora-favoring news aggregator Matt Drudge is giving up his syndicated Sunday night radio show. The official explanation from Premiere Radio Networks, which syndicated the show to 325 stations nationwide, including WABC here in New York, is that Drudge wants "to focus on his Web site and other endeavors." But there are no details on his "other endeavors."
h.v.-p.r. hat-tip to mediabistro.com (Thanks!)


((( --so, er, was he just too high-camp? And who will they replace him with -- reruns of George Nouri, the outer-space guy? Ask editor & publisher...))))

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HighViz PR said...


I love that show-- every Sunday night!